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From their car, heading to the studio Shimon Moore (vocals), Chris Clemence (bass), Russell Ali (guitar) with the newly formed Screaming At Demons talk to the crew. This band definitely has something special going for them. No doubt these three Rockstars love playing music together, hanging out together, partying, and cracking jokes on each other. More than likely you have heard their last single “RockStar”. Sure the “Rockstar” song is a fucking jam but it so much more. The band teamed up Rock photographer Nigel Skeet to put a new twist on helping the homeless. The “RockStar” video tells an amazing story about how everyone has a rockstar inside waiting to claw their way out. Str8hustlin was fired up and looking forward to speaking to the Screaming At Demons band. Just a few years ago in Nashville we saw Shimon live with his previous band from Australia, “Sick Puppies”, their songs “All The Same” and “You’re Going Down” are still a coupe of my all time favorites. Rumor is they have a special guest drummer on a couple songs soon to be released (The Red Hot Chili Peppers Chad Smith) Please listen to our interview and look for big things from “Screaming At Demons” in 2016.

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