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Don’t Muddy The Water, Mic Manik is on

Mic Manik

“Redneck want some get some..Redneck when want the job done”

Mic Manik

gets the job done with the baddest kick ass hickhop tracks you’ve ever heard. With his hit songs “Uncle Buck” and “Redneck” Mic has catapulted to top of the genre recently teaming up with >Dammit Boy Entertainment on his new album release “Muddy Water”. Mic sits lakeside as he talks to host Dick Darin , the always hilarious Money Mike, and special guest host AJ, about his journey grinding daily to pursue his dream of being a full time entertainer, the excitement and passion he has for his new album “Muddy Water”, and working with Jon Conner, David Ray and the rest of Dammit Boy Entertainment. Come listen to Mic’s journey , and have a laugh with the team, this is one not to miss, so get your hustle on. For more information on Mic Manik and Dammit Boy Entertainment please visit: and Visit Dammit Boy Entertainment