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FUCKING METAL (nothing more and nothing less),

Unleashing a metal ass kicking, Matt Raffaele and Stevie Benton from the band “Even the Dead Love A Parade” are on Str8hustlin with Dick Darin and Money Mike. Just the name of the band alone, lets you know you are in for a long night of energy, sweat, and adrenaline. A very cool story how the band was formed with almost all members having some part within the success of the Rock band “Drowning Pool”.

We talk to Stevie and Matt about the band, how it was formed, the new released EP, and even some drowning Pool questions. Few songs released have a huge impact like Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”. When Bodies is played in a bar, radio, or even a karaoke bar, people are about to go bat shit. The psychological effects and energy the song delivers is truly amazing. And if you are a music video junkie, Even The Dead Love A Parade have released an amazing video for the song Heart Poacher. Be sure to check it out, this video is chilling, thrashing, powerful and dark. We have a great time talking to Stevie and Matt and hope to welcome the group to Nashville soon. For all information on Even The Dead Love a Parade please visit:
And also check out their record label EMP at: