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Party Down South’s Josh Murray Gets It Going On Str8hustlin.Com

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Channel Your Inner Redneck, Party Down South’s lovable big man

Josh Murray

talks to Dick Darin, Money Mike and AJ from Str8hustlin. Murray’s quick witted humor and close knit bond between the other cast mates made CMT’s Party Down South an instant success. With the 5th and final season just coming to an end, Murray shares his memories of the cast mates, the different cities, the drinking, and of course the many women. Murray tells us over the last five seasons, all he had to do was one thing, Not Die. Living in a small town in Mississippi, Murray is currently enjoying his fame and making special guest appearances across the country, including professional wrestling with the veteran wrestling legend “Sid Vicious”. For all Josh Murray news, please interact and follow Josh on Facebook at: or Twitter at:  

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