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2015 Country Music Hall of Fame inductee’s The Oak Ridge Boys, Joe Bonsall’s on

Joe Bonsall Joe Bonsall from the Legendary Oak Ridge Boys - Click To Listen

What a great year for Joe Bonsall and the whole Oak Ridge Boys band. A new book(On the Road with The Oak Ridge Boys), multiple awards including the Bob Hope Award for Excellence in Entertainment by the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, a new album(Rock of Ages), a new tour and the great honor to be elected into the 2015 Country Music Hall of Fame. The Oak Ridge Boys are on the move with no plans in slowing down. Come listen to Joe talk about his new book, singing with the band for 42 years, his farm in Tennessee, his favorite firearms, and his faith in God. Joe and the rest of the band have enjoyed enormous success over the years due to their hard work, dedication, staying true to themselves, and loving what they do. Always looking to interact with fans and give back through the multitude of charitable events they host and support, The Oak Ridge Boys are classic example of American pride and History. Long Live The Oak Ridge Boys. For more information on the Oak Ridge Boys, Please visit:

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Intro Music By : Jessie Chris – Song “Wildfire”
I dedicate this interview to my Mother Joyce Bader #1 Oak Ridge Boys Fan