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Utah Blue and Steph Johnson from “Angels Cut” chat with

Angels Cut Angels Cut Live at the 8 Seconds Saloon in Indianapolis - Click To Listen

Fresh off the stage, giving a kick ass performance at the 8 Second Salon in Indianapolis, Utah and Steph from the band “Angels Cut” hangout and chat with Myself(Dick Darin) and Stew from With the Blacked Out Tour wrapping up and the badass group “The Moonshine Bandits” onstage in the background, Utah and Steph tell us how the band started, how they came up with the band’s name “Angels Cut”, writing songs, and touring with the “Moonshine Bandits”. Utah and Steph are crazy, fun, and full of energy on stage. We hope to talk to them more in depth in the future. For more information on “Angels Cut”, please visit:

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