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STR8HUSTLIN hangs out with Comedian Ali Siddiq

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Ali Siddiq 300x225Comedy Central 2013 Up Next Winner, Ali Siddiq, brings funny to any stage. One of my favorite interviews ever, we cant wait to speak to him again. Ali is one of the most clever, comedic, intelligent, interesting, story tellers of our time. If you get a chance to see Ali live, don’t miss your opportunity. We would love to get Ali Siddiq to perform at Zanies Nashville. Please everyone, call your local comedy club and request them to book Ali. From appearances on Showtime, HBO, Comedy Central, NBC, TV One, and Centric Comedy All Stars to performances for The Houston Texans, Texas League of Young Voters, Republican Convention Attendees or sold out comedy venues Ali
engages the crowd presenting hilarious authentic and honest comedic insight on everyday happenings. Please visit for tour info
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