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Sit back with a little Moonshine, Shari Rowe is on

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Performer Shari Rowe living in Arizona is talking to myself(Dick Darin), Money Mike, and Stew. Shari is out performing songs from here latest ep “Moonshine”. Interesting these days how musicians are taking advantage of technology, Shari actually co-wrote the song “Moonshine” over Skype. We discuss Shari’s previous performance in Poland at the Blue Note jazz club, here return visit next May 2016, her family life, her hobbies, working with Nashville’s Kore PR, and preparing for 2016’s CMA Fest. Shari is always ready for a party, a chance to hang out with friends & family and sing. You can find Shari on all social media sites and also see all the latest news and tour schedule at her website:

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Intro Music By : Shari Rowe- Moonshine