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Pass the Ammo, The Moonshine Bandits are on

The Moonshine Bandits The Moonshine Bandits(Bird and Tex) - Click to Listen

Balls out and full throttle the Moonshine Bandits are hitting the road with a tour promoting their new album “Blacked Out” and talking to Dick Darin, Money Mike, and Stew of I am not sure if its HickHop, Southern Rock, or Country, I just know its full of music to turn on, turn up, and just jam too. With new songs like Lady Luck, American Banned, Good Times, Pass the Ammo, and a spoken word called I Earned It , Tex and Bird are playing music close to their heart and soul. I am pretty sure they don’t give a shit what anyone says when creating music, its their way or nothing else. You have to appreciate the love they have for what they do and the unwillingness to cave and be like everyone else. Bird and Tex have opened my eyes to some new great music, I am now definitely in the Shiner Nation. Also Bird and Tex are huge supporters of our US troops, working with fans to send pack and send care boxes to service man and women each month. Listen to our interview, buy the new album, and be part of the shiner nation. Also in the club, watch your drinks around these two…lol railers… For more information please visit:
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Music: MoonShine Bandits “Lady Luck (feat. Crucifix)”