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Comedian Josh Denny talks to Dick Darin, Money Mike, and Stew from Describe Josh Denny? Hmm.. not to much PC, a little political, a lot of common sense, and a whole shit load of funny. I came across Josh fumbling through You Tube, where I found out the difference of Ginger and Ginga. Josh is not fucking around when he says using the “G” word around him and there will be hell to pay. All jokes aside, Josh is one of the coolest and funniest dudes we have had the pleasure to speak too. Take a listen and hear: How Josh got started in comedy, his move to Los Angeles, what comedian Josh would like to challenge to an MMA cage fight, and maybe some hit or miss relationship advice. For more information on Josh Denny, please visit: And I want to thank Josh for wasting a few minutes of his life on
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